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thankyou for visiting my blog.I work from my lovely workroom at the top of the garden. I design and create beautiful handmade curtains, blinds and all aspects of soft furnishings including, pelmets, lampshades, valances and cushions. Mainly I work alone with the help of small team during busy periods.

In addition to the soft furnishings I have a huge passion for all things vintage. I adore decorative textiles, beads buttons etc.

Throughout the year I will be exhibiting at various handmade gift fairs and shows.

23 Nov 2009

Craft Fair....

Is it Monday already? The weekends just fly by at this time of year dont they? Saturday was busy boxing things up ready for the early start on Sunday ....AHHHH I know, but I was told it is possibly to get out of bed early on a Sunday too, if you really want to....and we did so Alice and I were on our way to the craft fair at what seemed very early in the morning.

We set our stall out in plenty of time and here are some photos...

Alice behind our stall.

Peg ladies sitting at the front, birds and chickens brooding along the back and everything else inbetween.

It was great to meet some other Folksy sellers....

Andrea Berry (Polka) www.folksy.com/shops/polka

Susan (Talulahblue) www.folksy.com/shops/talulahblue

Neil slightly camera shy? (Woody) www.folksy.com/shops/woodjewellery

It was an enjoyable day, and we will look forward to the next one.


  1. Hi there... your fair looked fun too... hope you did as well as we did...? tho we're all feeling cream-crackered today...!!
    PS can't believe 'woody' is EVER camers shy...?

  2. Your stall looked fabulous, you make some really pretty things!

    Love Julia xxx