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thankyou for visiting my blog.I work from my lovely workroom at the top of the garden. I design and create beautiful handmade curtains, blinds and all aspects of soft furnishings including, pelmets, lampshades, valances and cushions. Mainly I work alone with the help of small team during busy periods.

In addition to the soft furnishings I have a huge passion for all things vintage. I adore decorative textiles, beads buttons etc.

Throughout the year I will be exhibiting at various handmade gift fairs and shows.

4 Nov 2009

Welcome to my Workroom!

Ok so I had a mad tidy up this weekend in the workroom, you know the kind I mean, you carefully fold all the treasured pieces of fabric, making a mental note of what you will use them for in future projects? Sort out buttons,beads ribbons etc all though I have to say I tend to give up with the ribbon before reaching the end of the unraveling pile!(thats another set of photos)!!
So before starting work on Monday I thought id take a few photos of my tidy...ish workroom.....

the entrance and the sun is shining! this decking is a lovely sun trap in the summer...

The cutting tables and eight Roman blinds hanging ready to be put onto tracks.

View from my workroom window,

More piles of fabric stashed, this is my cosy corner for handsewing.....my favourite!

More silks folded and placed into apple crates ready for future projects.

so what do you think? Tidy...ish?? Thanks for looking.


  1. What a lovely space you have, I think you beat me in the size ranks too!

  2. Thanks, erm... just looking around the workroom, its not so tidy now!lol

  3. very jealous of your workspace! I just have stuff EVERYWHERE all over my house.

  4. beautiful studio - I love the way it looks so cosy and comfy too. x

  5. what a wonderful workroom - I'm really envious!
    Pam x

  6. Wow, you are soooo lucky, great blog! Clare x

  7. Oh my days! What a wonderful space! I love it!