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thankyou for visiting my blog.I work from my lovely workroom at the top of the garden. I design and create beautiful handmade curtains, blinds and all aspects of soft furnishings including, pelmets, lampshades, valances and cushions. Mainly I work alone with the help of small team during busy periods.

In addition to the soft furnishings I have a huge passion for all things vintage. I adore decorative textiles, beads buttons etc.

Throughout the year I will be exhibiting at various handmade gift fairs and shows.

27 Jan 2010

Pole Dancing with thw W.I. !!

I can explain all....................
When I was told that a new Womens Institute club was forming in Leicester and asked if I would like to come along, lets just say I had my doubts.
The meetings are held on the last Monday of the month at the Long Bar in Leicester.
On the way there with a couple of friends we had no idea what to expect.
The bar is a great venue, with an intimate relaxing atmosphere.
Week one:

Belly Dancing,
here is the group, with the Proffesional belly dancer in the middle.She was amazing and very patient as we all had a go, a great workout and so much fun!
Week two:
Just before christmas, so we had a fun quiz, nibbles, pass the parcel and a bauble swap again really good fun. The girls organising this group are friendly, fun and energetic!

Week three:

Hula hoops:

This was so much fun something I havent done for sooooo many years. The girl demonstating was amazing and made it look so easy.The hoop was going in all different directions and she was dancing at the same time, very clever! I could just about keep it going around my waist for a couple of minutes!

Pole dancing

Again, the demonstator had so much grace and made it look easy, she patiently broke a routine down for everyone to have a go. Nobody could believe how hard it was....

But did we have some fun having a go!!!
For more information on this W.I. group there is a facebook group called leicester Ladies W.I. with more details of meetings and events.
February is jewllery making and March henna tattoos, so yes its a official I (along with a few friends)am now a member of the Womens Institute...... Rock On!!


  1. Your WI rocks! Ours is still about making jam and knitting toilet roll covers!! My friend and I keep talking about starting our own funky version but I want to joins yours!!!

  2. You should start your own, there seems to be a lot of help and support with a lady coming from another WI to help until we get going. Honestly I havent had as much fun for ages!No Jam and Jerusalem in sight!

  3. No such luck here: garden parties, raffles, committee tables - boring!!

    Lucky you ... ;0)

    Shirl x

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog. Not my impression of our WI either. I think we would all join if they were this much fun :-0)

  5. What fun! Could be enough material for a movie here!!
    I enjoy reading your blogs and have nominated you for an award, please follow this link to your Sunshine Award:

  6. Oh thanks for that Deborah!Will keep you all updated with th WI aswell!