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thankyou for visiting my blog.I work from my lovely workroom at the top of the garden. I design and create beautiful handmade curtains, blinds and all aspects of soft furnishings including, pelmets, lampshades, valances and cushions. Mainly I work alone with the help of small team during busy periods.

In addition to the soft furnishings I have a huge passion for all things vintage. I adore decorative textiles, beads buttons etc.

Throughout the year I will be exhibiting at various handmade gift fairs and shows.

31 Mar 2010


My name is Julia..... and I am a corsage addict.............

Ok so it started eighteen months ago with one turquise corsage to go onto an evening dress........

now I have supplied shops, sold online and at local gift fairs. I have made them for weddings and by special request and I still havent tired of making them (which is very unlike me).

So I have a suitcase full.... a picnic basket full...

Bowls full...

They are on cushions and blinds...

And I now have a dress form with spaces left on it?.........

so.... I must make more....yay!


  1. hi julia.
    i'm janean and i think i might be a corsage addict too.
    it started quite innocently.
    by necessity i pinned a very large white silk rose on my lapel one day because i had nothing else to *jazz up* my outfit. the compliments i got were astounding!
    though not anywhere as talented as you, i adore them.
    yes. you need to fill the dress form, but why take a fellow-junky's word. LOL. *wink*

  2. Beautiful corsages, an inspiration